Systemic Congress

The Systemic Therapy has established itself as a recognized form of therapy. With an initially German-language congress, I intend to not only delve into the origins and roots of systemic therapy but also to bring the current state of scientific knowledge to the general public, in order to promote societal awareness of systemic thinking.

Of course, I also aim to present my concepts of Hypnotic Self-Embrace“ and „Systemic Embrace“. Additionally, the „World Peace Constellations“ will be announced through the congress, potentially making their realization more certain.

A systemic congress on-site in a hall spanning several hundred square meters, rounded off by professional participants engaging in constellations, is initially a dream. This is roughly how the World Peace Constellations will be organized. The „Systemics Congress“ will begin as an online format with interviews, film recordings, and online presentations – but it is allowed to evolve and translate. However, initially, it requires a solid and stable core.

Who or what should not be missing at a systemic congress?

  • The origins from system theory, group and family therapy, as well as parallels to theatrical drama, should be covered comprehensively and contemporarily. The consequences of systemic thinking and acting could be immense for the media world, society, politics, cultures, and countries. Which thinkers and activists are avant-garde in this regard?
  • Extraordinary constellations, such as those involving musical instruments, cards, or entire artworks, should provide a creative – yet also professional – framework. As Dirk Revenstorf aptly put it in the „HypnoTalk“, there is a need for better professional and scientific delineation and definition of, for instance, hypnotic systemic therapy or systemic hypnosis („HypnoSystemics“). Contributions in this area – or even in the context of distinguishing it from other therapeutic disciplines – would be particularly valuable.

Call 4 Papers till 21. December 2024

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