Systemic Embrace

Hypnotic Systemics – Systemic Hypnosis

In my training, I encountered people quite early on who were (re)traumatized by systemic constellations. Such „accidents“ have internationally led to suicides, as these individuals could no longer break free from the role or threat triggered by the potential.

Almost 30 years ago, I accompanied various systemic therapists over three years in their work and sought ways to largely exclude this risk – and to fundamentally grasp and integrate systemic work.

In the „Systemic Embrace,“ I found a solution that can fundamentally make people experience the processes that can occur in systemic constellations. By allowing the processes in the constellation and embrace, as well as the solution from the embrace back „to oneself,“ to unfold step by step and be made conscious, this process becomes hypnotic and tangible.

My work benefits from around 30 years of experience in both hypnosis and systemic therapy.

In the following script (from the book „The Circle“), I have summarized the basics of the Systemic Embrace.



Die Umarmung und die Selbst-Umarmung gehören seit über 25 Jahren zu meiner systemischen und hypnotischen Arbeit. siehe auch

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