World Peace Constellation

In systemic constellations, representatives from all countries and cultures are meant to encounter one another and „come to terms“ systemically or symbolically.

This „coming to terms“ is intended to be expressed through systemic constellations or the „Systemic Embrace“ and will be audiovisually recorded.

The focus is naturally on countries and cultures that are influenced by current and historical conflicts as well as wars.

For these constellations, I need representatives from various countries and cultures who are willing to engage in a symbolic/systemic encounter with video recording and open dissemination on the internet.

I also need professional facilitators and systemic therapists who preferably have experience working with different cultures, language contexts, and their conflicts. It’s advantageous if the facilitators also have roots in various cultures/countries/language contexts.

The first major World Peace Constellation is planned to take place in Berlin because I assume that practically all possible representatives will be available here.

The exact planning of the location and timing depends on how this network forms. It is conceivable to start with selected constellations. The basic costs for space and recording will be around €6,000-8,000, for which sponsors are also needed: Nils (at)

Facilitators/therapists, as well as representatives, can apply informally via the following form:

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